Gail Orfanos, founder of Go Meetings + Events, LLC. We provide Meeting Planning + Virtual Assistant services to meeting planners, event producers, speakers, and small businesses. It is time to rid yourself of the story that you have to do it all, know it all, be it all to be successful. The truth is that all businesses have an epic support team behind the scenes, making them look seamless and professional. That’s where Go Meetings + Events comes in; I support you and your team to help coordinate your event, manage your event registration, collect data, update your database, and so much more! I love planning meetings and making attendees happy + meeting owners successful. I apply the same success formula to help small businesses and individuals outside of just planning events by providing well-organized data so they can focus their time and energy scaling their business.  

I am excellent at managing projects and people and love data + details. If you ever need anything expedited, contact me. My time-management skills will keep you, your program and vendors on track, and my hawk eye for details can spot what others might miss. Together we get it done with my diverse experience from managing and supporting various corporate, association, and non-profit programs. 


My unique background also includes Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Sarbanes Oxley Compliance (SOX) – if you are not familiar, SCM is the flow of goods and services. It includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products and streamlining supply-side business activities to maximize customer value. SOX is responsible for creating and maintaining an archive of records in a cost-effective manner and within compliance. When you hear SOX, think GDPR and HCP Compliance and Reporting.


Don't do all the work yourself! Let us talk today and discuss how I can help you succeed.

At your service,

Gail Orfanos, CMP, HMCC



Gail Orfanos