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Gail Orfanos



Gail Orfanos, the founder of Go Meetings + Events, LLC, is a Certified Meeting Planner with an additional certificate in Healthcare Meetings Compliance. I have extensive experience planning Corporate, Pharma, Medical, and Association meetings. Director of Marketing and Communications and Meeting Organizers, improve their productivity by centralizing time-consuming logistics. Isn't it time to rid yourself of the story that you must do it all, know it all, and be it all to succeed? The truth is all successful people have a solid support team behind the scenes, making them look seamless and professional. That's where Go Meetings + Events comes in; we skillfully navigate the intricate details behind the scenes so clients can leverage their time and focus on other vital areas of their event.  

Let's Get Started!  My clients include planning and supporting meetings for W.W. Grainger, Moore Stephens North America, Siemens, Laundry Cares, US Foods, Mars, Sears Holding Co, Ecolab, Navistar, Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, Residential Estate Council, Nevro, Genentech, & more. Contact me today. 

With Gratitude,

Gail Orfanos, CMP, HMCC

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