Gail Orfanos, founder of Go Meetings + Events. I provide Virtual Assistant + Meeting Planning services to help meeting planners, speakers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. I do your data collection + analysis, update your database, social media marketing, help with event registration, and more! I love planning meetings and making attendees happy + meeting owners successful. I apply the same success formula to help small businesses and individuals outside of just planning events by providing well-organized data so they can focus their time and energy scaling their business. 


My background is in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Sarbanes Oxley Compliance (SOX) – if you are not familiar, SCM is the flow of goods and services. It includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products and streamlining supply-side business activities to maximize customer value. SOX is responsible for creating and maintaining an archive of records in a cost-effective manner and within compliance. When you hear SOX, think GDPR and HCP Compliance and Reporting.


Clients utilize my unique background in research, event history analysis, evaluating event surveys, and registration in addition to producing events. So, when COVID-19 hit, all but one live event canceled, in which I took the time to pause, and while taking care of my 85 yr old Mom, I re-evaluated and started with what I enjoy most: helping people succeed.  


I am amazing at managing projects and people and love data + details. If you ever need anything expedited, ask. My time-management skills will keep you on track, and my hawk eye for details can spot what others might miss. With my diverse experience from managing and supporting various corporate, association, and non-profit programs, together we get it done. 


Let us talk today and discuss how I can help you succeed!

At your service,

Gail Orfanos, CMP, HMCC


Gail Orfanos


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